Educational Financial – Equifax Cybersecurity Incident and Consumer Information

Equifax Cybersecurity Incident and Consumer Information:

  • Consumers are able to visit the main security breach information page to learn about the ongoing review on the Equifax security breach which was discovered in the summer of 2017
  • Equifax is one of the biggest credit bureaus in the country and services many aspects of the financial industry including providing credit report information for consumers and financial instituations
  • Consumers are able to sign up for free credit monitoring service through the main information page by visiting the link to enroll in the credit monitoring service being offered
  • Credit monitoring services work by providing updates any time there is a change to an individuals credit report and is designed to protect against unauthorized requests

In today’s world where everything is done electronically it has become almost commonplace to hear about consumer security breaches.  The Equifax breach was particularly newsworthy due to the scale of US individuals were affected.  Fortunately, Equifax is providing customers with information to determine if they were affected and what their options are to make sure they are protected from any breach of their information.

The primary response is providing free credit monitoring for consumers who so wish to set this service up.  The service is through Trust ID which provides credit monitoring alerts when there is a change to one’s credit history.  By knowing when there is a change on your credit report, you can make sure there are no unauthorized changes to your credit history.

More Information Regarding the Equifax Cybersecurity Website:

  • To determine if you were affected by the breach you can follow the corresponding link and then provide the last 6 digits of your social security number and you last name
  • Once you provide the requested information you will immediately be advised if you were affected by the breach and will have the choice to enroll in free credit monitoring
  • On the right side of the main security page you will find past information provided by Equifax regarding information and consumer updates