Educational – My Igea Login by Complia Health

My Igea Login by Complia Health:

  • Individuals who need to access their My Igea acocunt can visit the main login page to gain access to their online account by entering their Username and Password in the required fields
  • If you have forgotten your password you can begin the retrieval process by following the forgotten password link and providing your username and email address which will begin recovery
  • Igea provides a platform for home healthcare business which allows them to manage important information such as patient health information, patient scheduling and many more options
  • If you are trying to learn more about the Igea referral information you can visit the link at the bottom of the login page to be directed to an overview of the Igea platform

Accessing your online account can be achieved by providing your previously set login information.  You will need both a username and asscociated password to access your Igea account.  Once you have provided this information you will then have access to your account profile and settings.  Emerging (and established) health agency can visit the Igea Software page to learn more about the features which are provided with the Igea Software.  Home healthcare is a rapidly growing industry and Igea by Complia Health provides an array of features to make managing an agency streamlined.

More Details Regarding My Igea and the Login Process:

  • If you are have difficulties accessing your account you can contact customer support Monday through Friday 6am through 5pm PST
  • My Igea is featured on many of the main social media platforms where additional information can be found including Facebook and Twitter,