Educational – Generac Generators Product Activation

Generac Generators Product Activation:

  • Generac Generator customers can visit this website to start the one time process of activating their generator (similar to a product registration)
  • Your generator requires activation through this webpage to use certain features and you will want to activate the product to get up to date product information
  • The Activation process will register your generator with Generac so that you have a safe source of proof of purchase should you ever need warranty work, etc
  • In order to begin the activation process you will need to have your serial number available – this can be found on the product and a detailed guide is available

Homeowners and businesses are turning to generators to provide a reliable power back up in the even of power failures.  Many businesses cannot afford to be without power and many homeowners do not want to risk the possibility of losing power for an extended period of time.  Generac generators are one of the most popular brands available and have become known for their reliability and quality.  Residential and commercial models are available and many sizes exist to allow customers to purchase equipment that best fits their needs.

Like many products, Generac Generators require product activation – similar to product registration except some features of your product will be available only once activated.  Once you complete the activation process you will get an activation code which will need to be entered in to your generator controller.  Once you have entered your activation code your generator will be able to be set up for automatic features.

Additional Information about Activating Your Generator:

  • If you cannot find your products serial number simply follow the link on the webpage which will provide a guide showing the location of SN based on model
  • Once you enter your serial number follow the activation steps to be provided with your activation code