Educational – Navy Federal Credit Union Cell Phone Protection

Navy Federal Credit Union Cell Phone Protection:

  • If you have received notice that your Navy Federal Credit Card provides coverage for cell phone damage you may have been directed to the main information brochure regarding coverage
  • This coverage is provided to Navy Federal Card Holders at no additional expense and to be eligible for the coverage you must set up bill payment for your phone bill through your card
  • A fifty dollar deductible applies to claims filed through this program and coverage is up to $250 per incident for theft or damage up to $500 in coverage available for a given year
  • Cardholders can contact their cell phone providers to have their bill payment methods changed to their Navy Federal Card to become eligible for this additional coverage

Cell phones have become a major expense for many Americans and one of the worst nightmares is unexpected damage or theft of a phone.  This can result in very expensive replacement costs which can set back consumers for months as they will be forced to purchase a new phone without any forewarning.  The coverage provided by Navy Federal is available to who have a Navy Federal Credit Union Visa Card which is part of the benefit plan.  Phones which are purchased by the cardholder (ie: the name on the front of the card) who make their cell phone bill payments using their card are eligible to participate in this additional coverage.

More Details Regarding the Navy Federal Cell Phone Protection Plan:

  • This coverage is supplemental coverage which means that the coverage is available only after any other insurance coverage on the phone has been expended
  • The total coverage available cannot exceed the total cost of repair or replacement of coverage and the 50 dollar deductible will apply to all claims filed under this coverage