Educational Tech – My Maxim Connect Caregiver Login

My Maxim Connect Caregiver Login:

  • Maxim Connect allows for Maxim Caregivers to access the Caregiver Resource Center and is available to caregivers when accessing through compatible web browser and internet connection
  • In order to log in to your account you will need to provide your previously registered Username and Password in the requested field and then select the sign on option
  • If you are trying to access and administrator account you will need to select the admin sign in option beneath the login field which will direct you to admin login – other users can use the general login access page
  • For Maxim Users who are in need of recovering their password or username you can follow the recovery links – your ADP Number will be necessary in order to recover your username

My Maxim Connect allows Maxim Caregivers to access their online profile remotely so long as you have a device which can access the main login page.  You will need to provide your Maxim credentials before you are able to access your resource account.  If you are attempting to recover a lost username you can find your ADP number and begin the recovering process.  For users trying to recover their password, they will need to provide their username and answer the follow up security question in order to recover their account.

More Details Regarding the Maxim Connect Login Portal:

  • If you are having issues accessing your account through the online account access you can contact the Maxim Office for help during business hours
  • In addition to logging in to your account you can also finds links for policies and procedures including compliance guidelines