Educational – USPS Change of Address Official Form

USPS Change of Address Official Form:

  • This website is designed by the United States Postal Service to provide an efficient process of changing your mailing address in the event you decide to move to a new address
  • There is a $1 charge for this service however it is primarily designed a security benefit – in order to process your move request your ID is verified by making this payment
  • In addition to updating your address, your completion of the form will also reward you with coupons which may come in handy during the moving process
  • No trip to the Post Office is needed – this form can be completed online by visiting this website and using a credit or debit card to process your ID verification payment

Moving can be quite a chore and one of the things often overlooked and disregarded is what will happen to your mail once you have moved to your new address.  This is very important to consider – it is imperative not to have your mail being delivered to someone other than yourself!  USPS allows movers to update their address by completing the Movers Guide form available at this website.  You will need to verify your identity and a email address is required to complete the process.

Once your form has been completed, your mail can then be forwarded to your new address for a period of time while you change your mailing address for things like subscription services, bank statements, credit card statements and billing services.

Additional Information About Movers Guide by the USPS:

  • You can select to have your mailed forward for both permanent moves and temporary moves if you will return back to your original address
  • Select the date you wish to have your mail forwarded – once the form is process the forwarded mail will begin on your selected dates
  • Movers will also receive coupon offers for stores and services which are often important destinations when moving in to your new home!