Educational – Access My Lab Clinical Reference Labs

Access My Lab Clinical Reference Labs:

  • Individuals who have participated in lab testing or have lab results to view from Clinical Reference Laboratory can visit the main access page to access their results and information
  • In order to get to the sign on page you will need to review and agree to the terms and conditions outlined for use of the Access My Lab website before continuing to sign on
  • Once you have agree to the required terms, you will then be prompted to enter the Slip ID you received on your Kit Insert of Consent form you received
  • Finding your slip ID can be made easy by clicking on the graphics which will display the location of your Slip ID so that you can be sure you are entering the correct number

Accessing your lab results can be very easy using the online access tool provided by Clinical Reference Labs.  Once you have reached the main access page you will walk through a simple three step process.  Step one was outlined above and you will be required to enter your Slip ID which is a unique identifier needed to look up your lab results.  The second step of the process will involve authenticating your access to the lab results.  Once authentication has taken place, the third and final step, will be accessing your lab results.

More Details Regarding Access My Lab Online Lab Results:

  • It is possible that your insurance company may or may not be providing your will your lab results but for some patients lab results can be accessed online
  • When entering your Slip ID be sure to enter only the first 10 digits of your slip ID so that you can properly be directed to your results