Lawsuit – Toyota Motor Sales Rusty Frame Settlement Information

Toyota Motor Sales Rusty Frame Settlement Information:

  • This class action lawsuit applies to consumers who owned or leased certain Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, or Toyota Sequoia vehicles eligible for the class action suit
  • This lawsuit aims to provided members of the class with free frame replacement for vehicles which may have been victim to premature rusting in areas of the framing
  • If you have already replaced your frame or had work done to remediate rust on one of the vehicles eligible for the class action there may be reimbursement funds available
  • This class action has received preliminary approval – the proposed settlement would include a free inspection as well as free work as needed to remedy the product defect

Toyota is one of the biggest car manufacturer in the world and three of their very popular models are the Tacoma, Tundra (both of these first two models are trucks), and the Sequoia (this is a large SUV).  The year of your car will determine if it falls in to the eligible category to be part of this class action suit.  Models which are years 2005-2010 for the Toyota Tacoma, years 2007-2008 for the Tundra, or years 2005-2008 for the Sequoia are part of this class action suit. The suit claims that due to improper rust protection the framing of the vehicles included in this class action settlement require fixing or replacement – please note that this claim does not reference in harm or damage to any person as a result of this alleged defect.

Additional Information about this Class action Lawsuit:

  • If you wish to exclude yourself from this class action suit or object to the settlement you will need to do so by March 27th, 2017
  • If you wish to act on this class action suit you can submit your vehicle for a free inspection provided by the suit which will determine what work may be needed
  • This lawsuit is recognized as Brian Warner et al. v. Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.