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  • Schedule an insurance medical exam easily with ExamOne
  • Schedule your medical exam by text, phone, or email
  • ExamOne has 700 locations nationwide

Signing up for an insurance policy is rarely a fun endeavor. It’s a drawn-out process that involves ongoing communication with an insurance agent as well as filling out tons of paperwork. Then comes the exam. ExamOne assists at this crucial step in the process by giving customers the aforementioned three ways to schedule their medical exam. Customers can then complete their exam in one of ExamOne’s hundreds of locations nationwide. Or they can come to the customer.

ExamOne details

  • The insurance exam includes recording specific medical details, such as height, weight, blood pressure and pulse
  • A day before the exam, be sure to avoid salt and high cholesterol foods, as well as alcohol and strenuous exercise
  • Blood may be taken during the exam
  • An EKG may be performed during the exam
  • A urine sample may be collected during the exam
  • Specimens obtained during the exam are send to an ExamOne laboratory and then forwarded to the insurance company

Those setting up an insurance exam through ExamOne will need to prepare for their appointment. To this end, it’s best to have relevant medical information at the ready, such as all names and dose amounts of current meds; names and contact info of all clinics and doctors visited over the previous five years; plus a list of conditions and diagnoses as well as the date diagnosed and any treatment history. It’s also required to present all relevant insurance application paperwork as well a photo ID. If the patient has any history of issues regarding the collection of blood samples, this should be disclosed to the medical examiner.