Credit – The Chase Slate Credit Card

The Chase Slate Credit Card:

  • Consumers can apply for the Chase Slate Credit Card through this website – this card is largely recognized for the balance Transfer benefits
  • The Chase Slate Credit Card also provides consumers with a monthly FICO credit score which allows card holders to keep track of their credit score each month
  • When a balance transfer is requested within the first 60 days after opening your account there is no balance transfer fee – after this a 5% transfer fee will apply
  • Cardholders of the Chase Slate Credit Card also receive 15 months of 0% interest on all purchases applied to their new account – rates will vary after this period
  • Current cardholders of the Chase Slate Credit Card and login to their online accounts and review their account information such as current balance, recent charges and account details

There are nearly countless options for consumers when it comes to applying for a new credit card.  The most important thing to consider when making this important choice is what type of credit card will fit your individual needs.  The Chase Slate Credit Card is a very popular choice for individuals who are interested in using their new credit card to transfer a balance from an existing account.  Balance transfers between credit cards can be a very wise option if done properly.  With this card, consumers can transfer their existing balances to their new Chase Slate with no transfer fee and take advantage of the 0% interest rate for 15 months.

Additional Information about the Chase Slate Credit Card:

  • Each month you will receive your FICO credit score along with a summary of your credit report and the factors which affect your credit score
  • Consumers will be protected from fraudulent purchases as this card is backed by Chase’s Zero Liability Policy which means cardholders are never responsible for fraudulent purchases
  • Late payments will not affect your interest rate – if you miss a payment your APR will not be affected


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