Credit – Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards by Chase

Amazon Visa Rewards Card by Chase:

  • The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cared and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card are both offered by Chase and intended for customers who frequent
  • If you are already a member and account holder with Chase Bank you can log in directly through this webpage which will allow you to begin the application process or view your account
  • In order to log in you will need to provide your user ID and your password – if you have not yet enrolled your Amazon Rewards Card online you will need to complete that process first
  • Points accrued while using your Amazon Rewards Credit Card can be redeemed through Amazon or through Chase providing cardholders with maximum rewards flexibility

Chase Bank is one of the largest and most reputable credit card issuers and have built their reputation by providing industry leading credit offers which reward their customer and provide them with a product they know will be backed by stellar customer service.  Credit Cards are not for everyone but for those interested in the Amazon Rewards Credit Card it provides substantial cash back benefits which are rarely seen – particularly if you are a Prime member in which case you are eligible for 5% cash back on Amazon purchases.

Chase allows customers to redeem reward points through their reward service (this card is also able to be used to redeemed directly with Amazon during checkout).  Whether redeeming through Amazon or Chase the conversion is typically 1000 points is equal to $10 in cash back, Amazon shopping credit, redemption towards gift cards, or use for travel options.

Additional Information about Chase and the Amazon Rewards Credit Card:

  • The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is available to Amazon Prime Account holders and provides additional cash back rewards (5% vs 3% cash back at Amazon)
  • All new lines of credit will likely require a credit review by the issuing bank so it is encouraged consumers first understand how their credit stacks up prior to opening any new lines of credit