Credit – QuikTrip Credit Card by First Bank Card

QuikTrip Credit Card by First Bank Card:

  • Consumers can visit this website to apply for the new QuikTrip Credit Card which is serviced by First Bank Card
  • This credit card allows QuikTrip customers to earn points for in store rewards such as gift cards for QuikTrip purchases
  • The QuikTrip Credit Card provides users with a cash back reward for gas purchases made at QuikTrip – cardholders will receive 3 cents off on every gallon purchased
  • In addition to fuel discounts, cardholders will also receive reward points for purcahses made in-store at QuikTrip locations – every dollar spent is equal to 1 reward point

QuikTrip is a quickly growing chain of gas stations which are primarily located in Midwestern States.  QuikTrip is headquartered in Tulsa Oklahoma but has quickly spread, servicing many states and major metropolitan locations throughout the central United States.  In addition to providing fuel services – including premium gasoline and diesel – QuikTrip is also well known for their food services which range from grill items to freshly prepared sandwiches.

Currently, the QuikTrip Credit Card is offering additional discount on gas for new cardholders.  In addition to receiving the 3 cent discount on all gas purchases, cardholders will also receive a $0.22 discount on all gas purchases made within the first 2 billing cycles after signing up for your new card.  This offer is good up through 200 gallons of gasoline.  Cardholders will also qualify for reward points for purchases made at QuikTrip which can be redeemed for QuikTrip gift cards.

Additional Information about the QuikTrip Credit Card:

  • Applicants will need to provide household income information which is used to determine credit worthiness
  • The application process will require consumers to provide personal information such as social security number which is standard in credit applications
  • Additional terms of this credit card can be found at this website including information regarding interest rate and more