Credit – Ally CashBack Credit Card

Ally CashBack Credit Card:

  • Consumers visiting this website can learn about the features of the new Ally Bank CashBack Credit Card
  • A link to the credit card application can also be found at this website which will direct you to the online application web form
  • The Cash Back calculator allows consumers to estimate the rewards they would receive with this credit card – cash back estimates can be personalized to your spending habits
  • Credit Card details can be compared against other industry leading cash back credit cards so that consumers can determine what card will fit them best

Ally Bank is a large online banking platform.  Online banking has steadily increased in popularity and many consumers are turning to this style of banking due to the ease of access and ability to control your account through your online account and applications (such as on your smartphone).  Ally Bank offers a full range of financial services and they are adding to these services by unveiling the Ally Bank CashBack Credit Card which provides simple to understand Cash Back Rewards.

Like all credit decisions, in order to apply for this credit card, consumers will need to complete an application process which requires information such as gross monthly income as well as personal information such as your social security number.  This is standard practice when applying for a new line of credit as the lender must first review your creditworthiness.  It is encouraged that consumers are familiar with their current credit report and credit profile prior to applying to a new line of credit.

Additional Information about the Ally CashBack Credit Card:

  • Consumers receive 2% cash back on all gas and grocery purchases and 1% cash back on all other purchases using their Ally Credit Card
  • When redeeming cash back rewards, cardholders can deposit their rewards into an Ally Bank Banking Account for an additional 10% back on their rewards
  • This card comes with no annual fee and the cash back rewards are unlimited – no cash back cap is enforced like many other cash back cards
  • Consumers will also receive $100 dollars back after their first $500 dollars in purchases made in the first 3 months of opening their new account