Financial login – One Technologies Free Score 360

Free Score 360 Login:

  • Sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial to obtain a free credit score
  • Please cancel the free trial with 7 days in order to avoid any charges
  • Free Credit Score 360 will charge a Monthly Membership of $29.95 after the 7 day free trial has ended
  • To cancel the service please dial 1-800-972-7204
  • Free credit scores will be pulled from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion
  • First, last name will be required along with a valid email address in order to obtain the Free Score 360 offer
  • The customers credit or debt card will be verified before the free trial can begin
  • All FREE TRIALS will be measured in 24 hour days meaning if a customer signs up for the free trial at 10:00 A.M. ON MARCH 1, 2010, the free trial will be terminated on  9:59 A.M. ON MARCH 8, 2010

Consumers are allowed to cancel the free trial via email BUT may cancel it via US Mail by writing to:  4447 North Central Expressway, Suite 110 PMB 406, Dallas, TX 75205, and requesting termination.

Why should consumers check their credit score?

  • To avoid fraud in the form of ID Theft
  • To ensure they have good to great credit in order to obtain competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, job offers and insurance premiums
  • Some employers will check potential employees scores before offering them a job (this is becoming more and more common)
  • Checking a score will NOT hurt the consumers overall credit score (this is an old wives tale)

The FCRA allows consumers to get one free comprehensive disclosure of all of the information in their credit file from each of the Repositories once every 12 months through a central source therefore this Free Score 360 free trial should normally only be used by consumers who have exhausted there once a year free score.

It should be noted that a simple Google search for the term “Free Score 360” provides a mix bag or reviews.

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