Credit – Chase Bank PreQualified Consumer Offers

Chase Bank PreQualified Consumer Offers:

  • Chase Bank is one of the biggest name in the credit card industry (especially when it comes to rewards, but that is a whole different discussion) and provides a variety of card options for consumers
  • It is possible to view your pre-approved (or preqaulified) for a card offer without completing your entire application process which allows you to know which products might be best for you
  • One key point is that just because you are pre-qualified for an offer does not necessarily guarantee approval – consumers must still complete the full application process to determine approval
  • Unlike completing a credit application, viewing pre-approval offers does not affect your credit history so you can be assured that your score will not nose dive just for checking

In order to view your prequalified offers with Chase you will need to visit their main pre-qualified page where you will be required to enter your contact information including your full name, full address and the last 4 digits of your social security number.  Once you enter this information you will be directed to your prequalified offer page where you can view any offers which are available for you.

In order to view your pre-approval offers you must be opted in to receive offers.  Some consumers select to opt out of this program but that means they are not able to receive what credit products are available to them so this could put someone at a disadvantage if they are searching for credit options.

Here Are Some More Details About Chase Pre-Qualified Offers and Credit Cards:

  • Chase provides a variety of credit card options including the cash back cards (such as the Chase Freedom) and rewards cards (such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred)
  • If you do not have any offers available when you provide your information you can still browse and view options available through Chase (this does not preclude you from applying)