Credit – Univision MasterCard Credit Card Account Management

Univision MasterCard Credit Card Account Management:

  • Univision MasterCard Credit Card holders can visit this website to access their online account by providing their previously registered username and password
  • If you are a current cardholder but have not set up an online account you can create an online account by providing your specific card information including card number and expiration date
  • This page also provides links for credit card activation and credit card application – please note prior to using your new card you will need to activate your Univision Credit Card
  • Once your online account has been created you will be able to access your full online account which provides bill payment tools, current statements, and manage profile settings

The Univision MasterCard Credit Card is provides a long list of card member exclusive perks such as no annual fee, double points on gas and groceries (one point for all other purchases), zero fraud liability and possible bonus redemption points for your first purchase after activation.  These perks are very competitive with industry standard which is one big reason this card is widely used.

Credit Card applications require a check of your “credit worthiness”.  This is frequently looked at for any new line of credit or loan application.  Your credit history will determine your approval for the card and will also have an impact on your APR (annual percentage rate).

Additional Information about the Univision MasterCard Credit Card:

  • This website can be easily viewed in Spanish by selecting the “Español” link which is on the main page – to revert back to English, simply re-click this link
  • Once you have created your online account you will have access to your online account 24/7 allowing you to view recent transactions and balances
  • Your online account can be accessed on any internet connected device which is compatible with this website