Credit – Citi Bank Authorized Users Account Management

Citi Bank Authorized Users Account Management:

  • Citi Bank allows some credit card accounts (you can log in to check eligibility) to add authorized users to the credit card which will allow others to access your line of credit
  • Some credit cards may provide promotional offers for adding authorized users – you will need to check with your particular card if any promotional offers are available
  • During the authorized user registration process you will need to provide the users name and date of birth which will be used to set up the authorized users details
  • The authorized user provides many options available to the credit card account holder such as whether they will be allowed online access to the account

Credit card companies are providing many conveniences to customers to in an effort to make card use as simple as possible.  One popular feature of credit cards is the ability to add authorized users to an account.  An authorized user will be added to the account and receive a new card in their name.  The two cards will have access to the same line of credit, so this is not a process which opens a new account/line of credit.  All of the transactions made on the card can still be viewed on one statement.

Authorized users are able to perform many of the functions of the primary cardholder but do not have access to all features for security purposes.  Authorized users can do things such as use the card and make payments but they are unable to change payment options or change authorized users.

More Details Regarding the Citi Bank Authorized Users Feature:

  • Citi Bank Credit Card holders will need to log in to their online account prior to adding or removing an authorized user
  • If you have not signed up for an online account you can select the registration link to set one up which will require you to provide your account details to register