Credit – Shell Gasoline Drive for Five Fuel Card

Shell Gasoline Drive for Five Fuel Card:

  • The Shell Drive for Five Card is a rewards program which allows cardholders to take advantage of cashback for every gallon of gas they purchase at Shell Gas Stations
  • This rewards card also provides sign up bonuses at times – for instance, currently cardholders can enjoy 25 cents back on every gallon of gas during the first 2 months with a new account
  • If you have already created an online account for your Shell Credit Rewards card you can follow the manage your account link and login using your username and password
  • For consumers who are interested in applying for the Shell Drive for Five Card you can visit the application link which will send you to the Citi Cards application page

Gas Stations will sometimes provide loyalty reward cards for consumers who frequently purchase gas from a specific gas station.  The Shell Drive for Five program allows consumers to earn cash back on all of their gas purchases at Shell fueling stations.  Consumers will earn 5 cents cash back for each gallon of gas purchased when using their card.  Currently, the promotional offer also provides consumers 25 cents cash back for the first two months after opening a new account.

In addition to cash back rewards, cardholders will also enjoy conveniences such as being able to pay at the pump, managing your account online through 24/7 online access, and you can track your fuel purchases and review your transactions.

Additional Information about the Shell Gasoline Drive for Five Card:

  • Payment options for this card can be set up through your account management which allows for automatic payments to make sure you never miss a statement billing
  • This card is provided through Citi Bank and comes with Citi fraud protection for consumers who are approved for the card which will provide protection against unauthorized purchases