Credit – Bluegreen Rewards MasterCard Credit Card

Bluegreen Rewards MasterCard Credit Card:

  • The Bluegreen Rewards MasterCard is a rewards card which is designed for travel, specifically, timeshare expenses which can qualify for 0% interest rates for up to 6 months
  • Bluegreen Vacations is a popular timeshare and vacation company which has teamed up with MasterCard to present a credit card which specifically rewards expenses for timeshares
  • When visiting this pages, consumers can select a link to the credit card application which will redirect them to the Barclay Card application page to complete for an instant credit decision
  • This card features a 1000 reward point bonus when your first purchase is made on the card, double rewards for timeshare expenses (including down payments) and no annual fee

The Bluegreen Credit Card is designed for credit card holders who are interested in purchasing timeshares to enjoy for their vacation destinations.  Timeshares are a very popular option which allows individuals to own a vacation home unit as part of a group with time-sharing allocations.  There are several benefits to timeshares but the biggest appeal is that you are able to own part of a property without the full expense of owning it year round.

Bluegreen customers can sign up for this rewards card to begin earning points immediately.  If you are not yet a Bluegreen Vacations owner you will not be able to redeem your rewards until you become an owner of a timeshare with Bluegreen.  Once you are an owner, you reward points can then be redeemed through the rewards program.  It is important to note that rewards will expire if they are not used within 3 years of accrual.

Additional Information about the Bluegreen Mastercard:

  • Cardholders receive double the rewards for timeshare expense purchases (maintenance fees, down payments, etc) and 1 reward point for all other purchases
  • Rewards can be redeemed for shopping and restaurant cards as well as being used on certain timeshare expenses