Credit – Kroger MasterCard $100 Cash Back Offer

The Kroger World MasterCard $100 Cash Back Offer

Kroger is currently offer a $100 bonus for new applicants to sign up and are approved for their Kroger World MasterCard.  The bonus is just the beginning of the value this card brings to Kroger Customers (more details on the card specifics below) but first let’s take a look at how customer can earn this $100 sign up offer.  First, you must be a new cardholders to receive this offer – unfortunately current Kroger Credit Card holders will not be eligible for the $100 bonus.  Next, customers must apply for a credit card and get approved.  This can be completely online.  Finally, new cardholders will simply need to complete $200 in purchases with their new credit card within the first 40 days of opening there account.  It is as simple as that – once completely, your bonus offer will be processed.

This Card Provides More Than A Quick Sign Up Bonus

Many credit card enthusiasts are often only looking for a quick bonus for their new credit card but the Kroger MasterCard provides much more value than just a $100 Bonus Offer.  For regular Kroger shoppers, this credit card is going to be difficult to pass up due to the rewards it provides in particular for shopping at Kroger.  The rewards are summarized as 1-2-3 which represents the points back you receive for each of the three point back categories.  The breakdown is as follows:

  • Cardholders will receive 1 point for every dollar spent on their card outside of Kroger Stores (accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted)
  • Cardholders will receive 2 points for every dollar spent on their credit card at a Kroger location
  • Cardholders will receive 3 points for each dollar spent on their credit card that is a Kroger Family item

As you can see from the point reward structure, customers who spend most at Kroger Locations will also receive the most rewards.  In particular, if you are a fan of the Kroger Brand Lines of foods and products you will really be raking in the points on your credit card.  As you earn more and more points you will have the option to redeem these points for use at Kroger at an exchange rate of 1000 points for $5 in groceries – in other words, free food for using your credit card!

A few other card features worth noting is that their is no annual fee associated with this credit card and cardholders will also receive 25 cents off each gallon of gas when you redeem 100 Kroger Fuel Points (this offer is good for one year and is available for new cardholders only).  For prospective customers who would like to review their point accumulation there is also a handy point calculator on the main credit card website ( where you can estimate your reward earnings.

Wrap Up and a Few Additional Details About Kroger Stores

Kroger operates primarily in the Midwest and in the Southern parts of the USA where you will find over 1,500 Supermarkets (with fuel centers attached).  Kroger family of stores includes popular options such as King Soopers, Ralph’s, Fred Meyers, and many more.  When applying for the credit card which is good for any of the Kroger Family Stores you will directed to the US Bank Website which facilitates the operation of this credit card (such as online services, bill pay, etc).


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