Credit – The SimplyCash Plus American Express Business Card

The SimplyCash Plus American Express Business Card:

  • If you have been invited to apply for the American Express SimplyCash Plus American Express Business Card you can visit this website to accept your invitation
  • In order to retrieve your invitation to access your application you will need to provide your RSVP Number and Zip Code which can be found on the invitation you received
  • For members of American Express who already have an account with AMEX you can also log in to your account in order to access your pre-approval offers
  • Pre-screen offers often mean that you have met specific criteria to meet the credit requirements but you will still need to complete the application process to receive final approval

For business owners it is important to have the best credit cards available to be able to meet your business needs.  Many business credit card options are available but it is also important to consider what type of rewards you are earning for using your card.  The American Express SimplyCash Plus is a business credit card that allows business owners to earn cash back on all of their purchases using their AMEX card.

One unique feature of this credit card is that cardholders can choose a category that earns them 3% back on purchases.  There are eight categories cardholders can choose from so business owners have the flexibility to choose which category will most benefit their rewards and choose the appropriate category.

More Information Regarding the AMEX SimplyPlus Business Card:

  • Business owners enjoy 5% cash back at purchases at US office supply store and 5% cash back on wireless phone services (USA based service providers only)
  • This card also provides cardholders the ability to spend in excess of their card’s credit limit – any charge above credit limit must be paid with accounnt balance and the card is not unlimited


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