Credit – Responding to a Capital One Credit Card Offer

Responding to a Capital One Credit Card Offer:

  • If you have received a credit card offer from Capital One you may have been invited to respond to the offer by providing a registration code which can be entered at the offer website
  • In order to respond to your specific offer you will need the reservation number (provided in the letter/offer you received) and the access code (also in the offer proposal)
  • For consumers who are interested in a Capital One card but have not received an offer you can still visit this website to see if you pre-qualify for any available offers
  • Capital One provides consumers with a large variety of credit card options such as business cards, travel reward cards, cash back cards and low interest options

Many credit card companies will provide prospective members with pre-qualify credit offers.  These offers are designed to be sent to consumers who meet certain requirements which will make them more likely to be approved.  In the case of credit cards, consumers can receive offers which may not be provided to the general public.  Capital One provides qualifying customers with pre-screen offers which can be accepted if the offer is something the consumer is interested in.

When accepting a credit offer or any other financial offer (such as a loan) it is vital to understand that your credit score and credit history will be affected by this.  In many cases, if you are responsible with payments, your credit will be affected positively in the long term.  Consumers should always be encouraged to be on top of their credit profiles prior to accessing new lines of credit or new loans.

Additional Information Regarding the Capital One Get My Offer Page:

  • You can find your reservation ID and access code in the offer you received – they will generally be right new to each other and a graphic is provided on the offer website for locating
  • If you would like to see if you pre-qualify for any offers you can visit the Get My Offer page, follow the link, and provide some personal information to get personalized offer


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