Credit Educational – Opt In and Out of Prescreen Offers

Opt In and Out of Prescreen Offers:

  • This is a website for consumers for to choose to opt in or opt out of certain prescreen offers which they may receive from companies
  • Opt in and opt out typically applies to offers provided from companies providing offers of new lines of credit or offers of insurance policies
  • Consumers can choose to opt out of prescreen offers for life or they can elect to opt out for 5 years – conversely, if they have already opted out, they may select to opt back in
  • Consumer Credit Reporting Companies such as the major credit bureaus are part of this process which provides companies and consumers the choice of prescreening options

Many companies team up with third party credit reporting entities which allow them to provide consumers with what are known as “firm offers”.  You have likely received these types of solicitation before for insurance or credit offers.  The best thing about these types of offers is that we are provided many choices of credit and insurance options which are highly likely to be provided and approved based on the pre-screening work which was done behind the scenes.

Some consumers do not like the idea of being pre-screened at all.  Others simply want to reduce the amount of mail they receive.  Regardless of where you are on this issue, you can visit this website which works with the Consumer Credit Reporting Companies to opt out of prescreening which will remove your from receiving firm offers in the mail from credit and insurance companies.

Additional Information about Pre-screen Opt In/Opt Out:

  • To opt out permanently you will need to provide a mail in form which will remove you from the base until you notify otherwise
  • Consumers can complete an electronic form on the website which will allow them to opt out of offers for 5 years – offers will continue after this until you opt out again
  • To opt out you will need to provide your personal contact information and social security number through their encrypted website