Financial – Managing Your Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards

Managing Your Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards:

  • If you have received a Visa or MasterCard prepaid gift card you can visit this website to view your current balance and manage your gift card easily from your computer
  • If you are attempting to access information about your card you will need your card information available to view your balance or activate a card
  • To access your card information you will need to provide the full 16 digit account number found on the front of your card as well as the security code found on the bank of your card
  • Prepaid gift cards work very much like a debit card in that they can be easily used at any place which accepts the card (Visa or MasterCard cards must be processed by the vendor to use)

Prepaid gift cards can make an excellent gift – in fact, they may be the next best thing to receiving actual cash.  Prepaid gift cards allow customers to make purchases using their card at locations where the type of card is accepted.  Once you make a purchase, your gift card balance will be updated to reflect the current balance.  You can track your balance online by using the account information found on the gift card (account number and security code will be required to access your account balance).

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More Information About Visa and MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards:

  • To access your card balance you will need to provide the information indicated above as well as complete a security generated code to verify you are not a robot
  • The US Bank Gift Card terms of service can be found in a PDF version when visiting the My Gift Card Website at the bottom of the webpage