Credit – Chase Ultimate Rewards Account Home

Chase Ultimate Rewards Account Home:

  • Chase Ultimate Rewards account holders can log in to their Rewards Account and access their homepage which provides their account overview
  • To log in to your Rewards Account, you will need to be a Chase Ultimate rewards member with an online account registered with your account (requires username and password)
  • Once logged in to your account, you can view your Rewards Account Balance and view your quarterly cash back progress on the 5% rotating category
  • Members can browse reward options including travel options, gift certificates and shopping offers which allow you to earn extra cash back

Chase Ultimate Rewards is the cash back and rewards incentive program from Chase credit card holders.  One of their most popular options is the Chase Freedom credit card which provides cash back on all purchases.  In addition to cash back on every purchase, Chase also provides members with a rotating category each quarter which provides 5% cash back on all purchases in this category.  When logged in to the Chase Rewards account home you can view your current progress for each quarter – members can earn a maximum of $75 dollars per quarter on the rotating category cash back incentives.

One of the biggest draws to the Chase Rewards Program can be summed up in one word – variety!  Unlike any rewards programs which only allow you to redeem your hard earned points for certain products, Chase Rewards allows you to spend your points as you choose.  Select from travel options and deals, retail gift cards, and special purchase offers available through Chase which gives you a nearly endless way to spend your reward points.  For the simplest of options – you can even redeem your points to go directly to your account balance!

Additional Information Regarding Chase Ultimate Rewards:

  • Points are converted and shown as dollar amounts at your account homepage – 100 points is equal to one dollar
  • Members can view their current statement rewards total to anticipate your total reward points at the end of your billing period
  • Chase rewards is teamed with retailers such as Home Depot, Apple, Amazon and many others to provide consumers with a wide selection of products and services