Credit Tech – My TransUnion Monitoring Log In and Enrollment

My TransUnion Monitoring Log In and Enrollment:

  • Consumers who have already signed up with TransUnion Monitoring Services can access their online account profile by entering their username and password for their account
  • If you have not yet registered with TransUnion Monitoring you will need to begin the enrollment process in order to create an account and access their credit monitoring services
  • To enroll, you will first be asked to provide your 12 digit activation code which would have been provided in your account activation email or letter (if received)
  • The activation process for enrollment requires that users have an activation code – if your account provider has not yet provided a code you will not be able to begin the enrollment process

Credit theft is becoming one of the fastest growing crimes in our technologically advanced society.  Many criminals have resorted to cyber theft as their means of life.  This has resulted in a constant need for better ways to monitor our safety and credit monitoring is one of the most popular options consumers have turned to.  To give some background, when applying for credit you need to provide personal information such as a social security number.  Fortunately, services are able to monitor when our information is being used and can promptly alert us.  If the information was being used for a valid reason we can continue about our lives but, when we are alerted to this without approving of our personal information use, we know their is a problem which must be addressed immediately.

Additional Information about My TransUnion Credit Monitoring:

  • My TransUnion Credit Monitoring provides unlimited access to your TransUnion Credit Report – useful for credit monitoring and staying on top of your credit profile
  • Alerts can be emailed 24/7 in the event that an attempt has occurred which would change your credit profile