Financial – Wells Fargo Business Checking Account $500 Bonus

Wells Fargo Business Checking Account $500 Bonus:

Wells Fargo is providing business owners a $500 bonus opportunity when a new business checking account is opened by April 2nd, 2018 and the bonus requirements have been met.  For many small business owners (or even not so small businesses), it may be tempting to mix your personal finances with your business finances but there are many reasons to avoid doing this.  One way to substantial help with this issue is to set up separate business accounts to handle the money you use for your business.  Setting up a checking account for your business allows you to manage your funds and make payments related to your business through this account which will streamline the process of accounting for business related expenses.

Considerations For Business Owners Regarding The Wells Fargo Checking Account and Bonus Promo:

  • The Wells Fargo Checking Account provides full access to your checking account online, mobile banking through your smartphone, account alerts (customization settings) and bill payment options
  • Opening a business account will require verification of your business by Wells Fargo which will require you to provide the proper documentation of your business – full list of required/accepted documents can be found on the business doc offer page
  • Your new account will need to have a minimum initial deposit of $25 and your must fund your account with $2,000 in deposits in the first 60 days to be eligible to receive the $500 bonus
  • Your Bonus code for your offer can be found on the mailer you received and can be used when setting up your new account to receive your bonus

Depending on which type of business you own, you may be required to provided various documents to verify your business ownership.  Once your new account has been created you can use your account for all of you business needs which will allow you to easily separate your finances between your business and other financial obligation you may have.