Financial – Business Registry Renewal

Filling In Oregon Renew Business

  • Allows a person in the state of Oregon to renew a business online
  • The online renewal process should take 10 to 20 minutes to complete
  • Please be sure to have the business registry number on hand in order to begin and complete the process
  • Any questions about the renewal process can be directed to
  • The Oregon business owner will receive an email confirmation upon successful completion of the transaction

The Filling In Oregon service allows a user to search for a business name if you are a business owners who is unsure what their registry number is (please enter the exact words as they appear on the business filing when using this option).  The simplest way to pay for the renewal is via credit card.

Business Renew Oregon Facts

  • Business owners can also reinstate a business if they let it lapse
  • Fees will be charged on the service
  • The service is operated by the Oregon Secretary of State
  • Only residents in the state of Oregon are allowed to use the Filling In Oregon renewal service

Who or what is the Oregon Secretary of State?

  • Oversees business activity in the state
  • Based at 136 State Capitol • Salem, OR 97310-0722
  • Other duties include auditor of public accounts, chief elections officer, and administrator of public records

Previous Secretary of State of states in Oregon include Barbara Roberts, Tom McCall, Earl Snell, George McBride, Frank Dunbar, Sam Kozer and Earl Newbry.  Up until the mid 1980’s almost every Oregon Secretary of State was a Republican…. but that all change when the sates starting to lean to the left in 1985 when they elected Barbara Roberts who held office from January 7, 1985 – January 14, 1991.  Under her terms the state started a serious of radical left-wing movements they has doomed Republicans in the state ever since.