Financial – Huntington Bank Account Activation

Huntington Bank Account Activation:

Huntington Bank customers can enjoy a full suite of online banking features when they enroll with online banking.  Nearly every financial institution is moving to provide customers with more options for online account management and increasing the amount of control they can have on their accounts online.  One service available to customers with Huntington Bank Online Accounts is the ability to activate a newly received  debit card.  When new cards are received, the account is not available for purchases until the card and identity of the cardholder have been confirmed.  The reason for this is simple, if a card were to be intercepted before it arrived to the cardholder, purchases could be made as soon as it was removed from the envelope – providing activation before use prevents this type of fraud.

Information Regarding Huntington Bank and Account Activation:

  • Huntington Bank provides checking accounts which can be linked to a debit card as well a credit card options – card can be activated online through your online banking profile
  • In order to take advantage of online activation customers will first need to set up an online account which will require identity verification and registration with a username and password
  • If you are enrolling with Huntington Bank for the the first time you will be required to provide your account number (bank account or debit card account) as well as your social security number
  • Once your debit card has been activated online you can immediately begin using it for purchases and funds will be deducted from your checking account with use

Huntington Bank customers are encouraged to participate in online banking where they can monitor and manage their accounts.  Once you receive your new debit card and are enrolled with banking you can view your transactions, your checking account balance, and manage your security settings.  For customers having issues accessing their account or creating a new account, Huntington Bank provides 24/7 customers support by phone.


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