Financial – Lexus Financial Customer Account Registration

Lexus Financial Customer Account Registration:

Customers who have an account set up through Lexus Financial Services can access their account online where they will be able to manage aspects of their account.  Once you have confirmed your account information you will be able to create a profile, set up your security and paperless billing options, and finally manage your payments.  Once you have set up your Lexus Financial Account you can select to no longer receive paper bills in the mail and you can set up your recurring payment options to more easily manage your account.  Setting up a new account for online management will require you to verify your Lexus Financial Account information – if you have a billing statement available you will be able to find the account information you need to register for online account management.

Details Regarding The Lexus Financial Online Account Access Registration:

  • Customers will need to provide their LFS account number which can be found on any LFS Billing Statements – when inputting this number do not include any special characters or spaces
  • Verification of your identity will be required in order to set up a new account and you will need to provide the last four digits of your social security which allow you to continue with the profile set up
  • If you are already a registered account holder you can login to your account using your username and password which will allow access to your account and profile settings

If you have recently purchased a Lexus automobile and have used Lexus Financial Services to finance your car you can set up your online account to manage your payments and monitor your balance.  As with any financing account consumers should always make sure they make payments on time and taking advantage of online payment options and recurring payments is a great way to ensure there are no missed payments.


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