Financial – MacKeeper Class Action Lawsuit

Yencha Software Settlement

  • Obtain more information about the class action lawsuit involving MacKeeper software
  • Class members claim deceptive methods of advertising were using when promoting the MacKepper software program
  • The lead plaintiff in the case is listed at Holly Yencha

ZeoBIT are the makers of the software in question and claimed the MacKeeper software increased Apple computer’s speed through performance and security by detecting and eliminating harmful errors and threats.  Although this sounds like an awesome program the Yencha Software lawsuit claims MacKeeper made up false reports and used these reports to trick customer into an expensive upgrade.

MacKeeper Class Action Lawsuit Talking Points

  • The MacKeeper software upgrade cost most customers $39.95
  • ZeoBIT has denied all actions of wrong doing but has agreed to terms to avoid a lengthy trial
  • A 2 million dollar settlement has been agreed upon
  • Class members in the case are defined as anyone in the United States who purchased the MacKeeper software before  July 8, 2015
  • Class members who file valid (timely) claims may receive up to $39.95
  • The case is entitled Yencha v. ZeoBIT LLC and is case number  2:14-cv—00578-JFC
  • The Yencha Software Settlement will be held in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania
  • Claimants will have until 11/30/2015 to file a claim
  • A fairness hearing will be held on 10/16/15

When filing a claim related to the MacKeeper settlement class members must produce the email address used upon sign up and affirm that they purchased MacKeeper software on or before July 8, 2015 and have not received a refund. Yencha Software class members will be represented by high-end attorneys Rafey S. Balabanian, Benjamin H. Richman and Courtney C. Booth.