Financial Promotional – Drive Safe And Save with In-Drive Discount

State Farm In Drive

  • Earn discounts on auto insurance when you drive with a State Farm In-Drive device
  • Comes with a free one-year subscription to In-Drive Connect
  • In-Drive devices compatible on most vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later

State Farm has long been the first name in auto insurance, offering drivers affordable rates for quality coverage. Now State Farm would like to help folks save even more through their new Drive Safe & Save with In-Drive program. An In-Drive device is a simple apparatus that connects to your vehicle and keeps track of your daily mileage. State Farm can then utilize this data to adjust rates and offer savings. And with In-Drive’s Family Monitoring as an added feature, drivers can ensure the utmost in safety anytime they or a loved one hit the road. Using In-Drive, it’s possible for folks to see a 50% reduction in their premium costs.

How to install an In-Drive device in your vehicle

  • Locate your vehicle’s onboard diagnostic port (usually under the dash beneath the wheel)
  • Plug the In-Drive device communicator into the port
  • Clip the In-Drive visor attachment to the driver’s side visor
  • Find the quick enroll number on the side of the shipping box
  • Confirm the installation (see number below)

Once the In-Drive device is installed, drivers can sign up with the Drive Safe & Save program by visiting and entering their account number. Those who aren’t policyholders with State Farm can still get an auto quote by clicking the “Get a Quote” option on screen. Once enrolled in the program, In-Drive will collect data and adjust quotes every six months to offer savings. Up to six vehicles can be listed on one In-Drive account, but each device is only compatible with one vehicle.

Contacting In-Drive

  • 1-888-665-9901 (In-Drive installation)
  • 1-855-976-6928 (Drive Safe & Save info)