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HHGregg Rebates

  • Submit or track a rebate from the popular US electronics retailer HHGregg
  • To track a rebate online the HHGregg customers will need their name, tracking number and zip code
  • Customers who do not have a HHGregg tracking number will need to provide their full name, zip code, email address used when signing up for the rebate and phone number
  • For those who submitted a rebate under a business name please provide the name of the company (i.e. Acme Brothers) and the zip code
  • The site is operated by Parago, Inc.

Customers can also check the balance of a hhgregg Visa Prepaid Card through the HHGregg Rebate service and all rebates will be issued on a Visa prepaid debit card.  Customers who lost the HHGregg receipt associated with the rebate should contact the store to receive a copy of the purchase (please have the exact date of purchase).

HHGregg Rebates Common Questions and Issues?

  • Customers MUST send the rebate before the postmark date expires or they will lose rebate eligibility
  • Qualifying purchases made online can still receive a rebate and the rebate should be in the packing slip
  • For invalid submissions associated with a missing HHGregg receipt or UPC code please mail the missing rebate information to: HHGREGG Rebate Program Resubmission Department, P.O. Box 540156, El Paso, TX 88554-0156
  • Be sure to include the customers name, address, phone number and tracking number on ALL Rebate Program Resubmission

hhgregg, Inc.

  • Also known as simply Gregg Appliances
  • Electronics and home appliances retailer
  • Founded by 1955

HHGREGG operates in 20 states and has over 5000 employees.  The company is considered a middle market electronics store that caters to the middle class.