Credit Financial – Experian Report Access and Credit Request

Experian Report Access and Credit Request:

Experian is one of the big three credit bureaus (Trans Union and Equifax are the other two) which monitor and report consumer credit reports.  Financial institutions use credit reports from these companies to assess a consumer’s credit when they apply for many different things such as lines of credit, loans, and other circumstances.  If you have recently be denied for credit or some other application and received a notice that you had an Experian report pulled on your credit you may be eligible to review your credit report.  Regularly checking your credit report and making sure that there are no negative marks which you are not responsible for is an easy way to make sure you retain strong credit.  Additionally, if you do have negative marks there are often things you can do to address these issues and improve your credit report.

Details Regarding Experian Credit Reports and Requesting Your Report:

  • Customers who have experienced an adverse credit decision in the past 60 days can request access to their credit report to review why they may have been declined due to their credit
  • To request a credit report you will be required to provide your personal information including you name, address (and up to last 2 previous addresses), date of birth and social security number
  • If you have not received a negative credit decision recently you can still request your report – a free version which requires sign up and registration or a one time report that can be purchased

Maintaining a good credit history is becoming an essential aspect for consumer life.  Credit reports are used from everything from credit card decisions to jobs to cell phone applications.  Consumers have the right to access their credit report for free in many cases and all individuals should make themselves aware of their rights regarding access to their report.  If there are issues with your credit you can also find resources to attempt to repair issues.


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