Financial – Sprint AutoPay for My Sprint Accounts

Sprint AutoPay for My Sprint Accounts:

  • Sprint customers who are interested in setting up automatic payment for their billing option can visit this page to begin the process of enrollment in autopay
  • The site will provide step by step instruction as to how to create your autopayment registration – once you are registered your monthly payments will automatically be processed
  • In order to register for this service Sprint customers must have an online My Sprint Account – if you do not have an account you can also sign up from the prompts on this page
  • In order to create a My Sprint account you must be a Sprint customer and have your account information available as well as a valid email address to link to your online account

Sprint is a large provider of mobile phone service throughout the United States.  Sprint mobile services include voice services and data services which have become the primary selling point of many mobile plans.  Sprint provides a number of different plan options for mobile customers such as the Unlimited Freedom and the Better Choice plan both of which are eligible for autopayment enrollment.

Autopayment works just like a regular payment except you do not have to manually make the payment each billing cycle.  Instead, you select a payment option such as a checking account, a credit card, or a debit card and your payment will be posted to the selected payment option each due date.  Autopay allows customers to have the peace of mind that they will not be missing their payments and Sprint even provides additional incentive such as monthly savings eligible for select plans.

Additional Information about Sprint Autopay:

  • Your account spending limit fee is waved for customers who are registered for autopay and ebill
  • Please note if you are using a prepaid card you cannot add this as a recurring payment option