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ProAir RespiClick Inhalation Powder:

  • Consumers interested in the ProAir RespiClick Inhaler can learn about the features of this device which may be of benefit to those suffering with conditions which require an inhaler
  • This product is intended to treat bronchospasms – both chronic bronchospasm and exercise induced bronchospasm which are conditions which afflict millions of individuals
  • The ProAir RespiClick is an albuterol sulfate based inhaler – this is a common inhaler medication which is a treatment for acute bronchospasms and to prevent bronchospasms
  • For potential patients interested in this inhaler it is important to note that only a doctor can write a prescription for this medication and all health decisions must be made with a doctor’s supervision

Asthma is one of the more common chronic illnesses which affect millions of individuals across the planet earth.  Albuterol inhalers are a commonly prescribed medication for bronchospasms and asthma related illnesses.  Most inhalers require patients to press a button which then ejects the medication – this requires coordination between the pressing of this button and the inhalation of a breath of air which would then also include the medication.  The RespiClick Inhaler removes the need coordinating a breathe with pressing a button – once the click has occurred, the medication is ready to be inhaled at the prescribed users pace making for extra ease.

Additional Information about the ProAir RespiClick Inhaler:

  • Like all medications which require a prescription, only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe a prescription for this product
  • Once you open the inhaler – opening is the “click” component of this device – you can then inhale the medication and close the product for later use
  • This product is intended for use for patients who are at least 4 years of age and suffer from exercise induced bronchospasm or other asthma illnesses
  • Before starting or discontinuing any medication all patients must consult a doctor to ensure they are treating their specific condition appropriately