Tech Tech Linkz – Activate and Authenticate Your XFinity TV, Internet and Phone Services

Activate and Authenticate Your XFinity TV, Internet and Phone Services:

  • This website allows Xfinity users to activate and authenticate their internet, cable television and/or phone services powered by Xfinity by Comcast
  • In order to start the activation process, consumers must have the necessary equipment set up which allows them to receive Xfinity services (cable box, modem, etc)
  • To activate your services and authenticate your account users will need to sign in online using their account number and the phone number associated with the account
  • If a user does not have an account set up with Xfinity, an account can be created online and in order to do so, the information associated with the account will need to be available

Prior to activating your Xfinity services through Comcast you will need to unpack your equipment and set it up as shown in the enclosed directions which come with your Xfinity devices.  Once the initial set up has been completed users can then log in to activate their account and services and take full advantage of all of the features of their account.  Before using services your account must be authenticated and fully activated – this is also true if a user is moving to a new address.

Xfinity is Comcast’s cable and internet services and is one of the most popular choices in cable and internet providers.  In fact, as of 2011, Comcast was the biggest provider of internet services to citizens of the United States.  One of their most popular services is Xfinity cable services which allow consumers to customize their needs using package deals such as the Triple Play which has many options available for phone, television and internet which can be customized to your entertainment desires.

Additional Information about Xfinity Internet and Cable Services:

  • Your account number can be found on billing statements or correspondence from Xfinity or Comcast specific to your account
  • Registering online allows you to access your account information and review settings and services