Tech – Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall and Exchange Program

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall and Exchange Program:

  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled due to safety reasons and this website provides information for consumers affected by this recall
  • The device has been noted to be susceptible to overheating which can result in damage to the device or could potentially pose a safety risk to consumers handling the device
  • At this time Samsung has advised consumers to stop using their previously purchased Galaxy Note 7 in order to prevent possible harm to property or person
  • If you have a Note 7 you can complete the exchange program which will provide a replacement device as well as a credit for the trouble of having to go through the recall

Samsung is a world leader in the electronics industry and specializes in products ranging from televisions to home appliances to mobile devices.  The Samsung Note 7 is a recently released smart phone.  The Note line is known for their large, vibrant screens which have greatly influenced the mobile smart phone industry in general.  The latest version of this smartphone has proven to require a full recall as the devices are susceptible to overheating posing potential danger.

Samsung has created an exchange program to facilitate the recall process.  All affected consumers are eligible to trade in their prior smart phones and receive a replacement Samsung device or they can elect to choose a device from another manufacturer.  In addition to device replacement, Samsung has stepped up and offered reimbursement for the trouble the recall has caused their customers – providing $75 for those replacing with a Samsung device and $25 to those who go to a different brand.

Additional Information about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall:

  • If you elect to receive a refund rather than an exchange your money will be reimbursed to the original payment method in approximately 3-5 business days
  • If you received a previous replacement during the first recall – your replacement phone will fall under this new recall and requires replacement as well