Financial – Saks Fifth Avenue MasterCard Rewards

Saks MasterCard

  • Sign up for a Saks Fifth Avenue MasterCard through Capital One
  • Cardholders who use their Saks MasterCard at the retail giant earn SaksFirst points with every purchase
  • Access your account online and pay bills

Saks and MasterCard have teamed up to offer consumers the chance to earn rewards by doing nothing more than purchasing quality goods from Saks. With every purchase from a Saks store, cardholders will receive SaksFirst points, which are redeemable for gift cards in $25 increments. Cardholders will earn a gift card for every 2500 points accrued. Customers have the opportunity to get even more SaksFirst points on double and triple-earning days. Those who sign up for a Saks Fifth Avenue MasterCard can access their account quickly and easily online.

SaksFirst points details

  • Purchases of up to $5,000 earn two points per dollar and put the customer in the Premier tier
  • Purchases of up to $10,000 earn four points per dollar and earn the customer a spot in the Elite tier
  • Purchases of up to $25,000 earn six points per dollar and the Platinum tier
  • Purchases of over $25,000 land the customer in the Diamond tier and also earn 6 points per dollar

SaksFirst MasterCard owners have the opportunity to earn points outside of Saks as well. For example, cardholders can earn points by visiting spas, buying groceries, dining out, filling up the gas tank, enrolling in a gym membership and more. This is on top of all the other great benefits offered by SaksFirst MasterCard, such as free shipping on all Saks purchases, advance notice of hot sales, invites to exclusive events, and even a $25 welcome gift card after the very first purchase. And for those international users, there are no foreign transaction fees with the SaksFirstMastercard.

Contacting SaksFirst

  • 1-800-871-7257