Financial – Insurance Verification Security Service FCU

Insurance Verification Security Service FCU:

When lenders issue loans to customers such as auto loans, home mortgages, and condo loans there are often requirements relating to insurance coverage.  Imcovered is a service through which consumers who need to verify insurance coverage can more easily submit the required documentation.  Once you log in on the website you will be able to view what coverage documentation you may be required to submit.  Security Service Federal Credit Union may send some customers notification which directs them to visit the ImCovered Website where they can submit the necessary documents to satisfy the insurance requirements of their loan.  Consumers can also visit the tabs located on the main page which provides examples of what documents are acceptable for verification, what is required for coverage, and the ability to upload documents.

Details Regarding the ImCovered Insurance Verification:

  • As a condition of your loan, it is important to know what what insurance requirements you are subject to – failing to meet the required insurance requirements could result in penalties or legal implications
  • Knowing the specific type of insurance coverage is also very important – for instance, customers should understand that coverage such as liability coverage on a vehicle would not be sufficient if full coverage is necessary for the loan
  • To access your account you can provide the unique identifier (found on the notice you received) and you zip code for the account – you will then be able to view you specific documentation requirements if applicable

Insurance coverage can be a difficult topic to understand at times but it is absolutely critical that consumers have proper coverage especially when there are implications for the loan or mortgage they have.  If you have received a notification to provide documentation and have been directed to the ImCovered website you can view what is required and if necessary customers assistance is available through a virtual assistant which can the necessary help.