Credit – First Access Visa Card

First Access Visa Card:

The First Access Card is provided to consumers specifically in circumstances where other cards may be out of reach due to the applicants credit history.  Applying for a credit card requires what is known as a hard credit pull which means your credit score and credit profile will be reviewed before applicants are approved for a new card.  For consumers who have less than ideal credit this can mean game over when trying to get a new line of credit.  To make things even worse, one of the best ways to build better credit is by making payments on time and responsibly using credit cards and loans.  This means people with poor credit may have an even harder time building their credit back up.  Cards like the First Access Visa Card are designed to have easier approval guidelines and consumers can use them as a tool to rebuild less than perfect credit.

Details Regarding The Access Card and The Application Process:

  • The First Access Visa Credit Card works just like any other Visa Card and is accepted anywhere Visa is payment option meaning you can make purchases with your card just like any other Visa Credit Card
  • Customers who are applying for this card can complete the application and receive a decision on approval the same day (instant approvals can be available in as little as 60 seconds in many cases)
  • New cardholders will need to pay a $89 activation/processing fee before a new account is opened

When opening a new line of credit there are many important things to consider including whether the card you are interested in is the best option for you.  For consumers who may have past credit issues their options may be somewhat limited but it is still important to consider all card options you may be eligible for.  Once you do open a new line of credit, consumers must be sure to always pay their balances and the best method is to never put more on your card than you can pay off at the end of the month.  Carrying a zero balance on your card and paying it off in full can be a great method to rebuild a strong credit profile.


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