Educational – Bushnell Product Registration

Bushnell Product Registration:

Customers who have purchased Bushnell Gear have the option to register their product to more easily retrieve their product information in the event they need to address an issue covered under the Bushnell Warranty.  One great thing about Bushnell (and most companies when it comes to product registration) is that even if you do not register your product you are still covered under the terms of the product warranty.  On the plus side, it may be easier to begin the warranty process in the rare event a warranty issue may arise.  For more information on warranty information, customers can navigate from the registration page to the warranty information page by following the corresponding link.

Information Regarding The Registration Process With Bushnell:

  • Customers will be required to provide their model number in order to register a product – your model number can be found on your product or the packaging information
  • Along with your product model number you will also be asked to provide your first and last name, your email address, your date of purchase and the state in which you reside
  • During the registration process you can select whether or not you would like to sign up for promotional emails and product updates which will be sent to the email you register with

Bushnell product registration can be completed online by customers who have their product information available and have internet access available.  Once you enter your required information your product will be registered and available for look up in the future.