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  • Manage your Midland Mortgage account online
  • Make mortgage payments automatically
  • View loan status and history online

One of the great milestones in a person’s life is qualifying for a loan to buy that first home. Of course, the process can be daunting and involves interviews, credit checks, and heaps of paperwork. Midland Mortgage, a division of MidFirst bank, aims to take the hassle out of the loan process by offering valued customers the chance to manage their loan totally online. All that’s required is to create a free user account, and from there folks can access a host of features all geared towards streamlining the loan management and payment process. It’s one way in which MidFirst wants to give back to their customers.

Some other great features on offer with a Midland Mortgage online account

  • Pay bills automatically by signing up for auto payments
  • Apply for disaster recovery assistance
  • Apply for mortgage-assistance programs
  • Submit property damage claims
  • Update account info quickly and easily

As mentioned, above, Midland Mortgage offers a variety of assistance programs. Those who are having trouble making their loan payments can receive help in a number of ways. Through Midland Mortgage, it’s possible to apply for mortgage assistance, and a number of plans are on offer. Online users can download all the requisite plan information right from the website, and they can submit supporting documents via the same method. Midland Mortgage has a team of professionals on hand to ensure that any mortgage-related problem finds a solution satisfactory to Midland Mortgage and the loan recipient alike. Contact with such representatives can be made through the Delinquency Assistance Center. (See below.)

Contacting Midland Mortgage

  • 1-800-552-3000
  • Midland Mortgage, Attn: Payment Processing, P. O. Box 268888, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8888