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my premium credit

  • Pay annual fees on a monthly basis with My Premium Credit
  • #1 for 25 years in providing UK and Ireland residents premium finance
  • Manage your My Premium Credit account online

Since 1988, My Premium Credit has been giving customers in the UK and Ireland affordable options to pay premiums. Whether the customer in question needs financing for annual accountancy fees, commercial service charges, membership subscriptions, season tickets or holiday park fees, My Premium Credit is here to help. They also specialize in allowing customers to spread out the cost of their insurance premiums. The system works thusly: My Premium Credit pays the loan on the premium, and the customer pays My Premium Credit a monthly fee. In this way, annual fees become affordable because the costs are spaced out over months rather then bundled in one lump sum. And with over two million customers, My Premium Credit has a record of success.

Registration info for new My Premium Credit Info

  • Open a web browser and navigate to
  • Locate the “New Customers” box and click “Register”
  • Enter the credit agreement reference when prompted
  • Read the terms and conditions and click “Continue”
  • Enter personal info when prompted
  • Click “Continue to Home” once the message appears on screen informing you that the registration has been completed

New Customers to My Premium Credit will find that they can control all aspects of their account easily online. Through the Internet, customers can electronically sign their credit agreement, manage direct debit payments and access all statements and agreements anytime, 24/7. Those who have missed a payment or two can also log onto their account and make an online payment in order to get their balance in order. The online account is totally free, and is just one way My Premium Credit strives to make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

Contacting My Premium Credit

  • 0844 736 0342
  • 0844 736 0047