Financial – MI Windows And Doors Class Action Lawsuit

MIWD Tape Glazes Window Settlement

  • Provides information and documents surrounding the MIWD class action lawsuit settlement
  • Includes anyone who purchased a General Aluminum, MI Windows and Doors, New Castle XT, Capitol, BetterBilt, New Bridge II, Bridgewood, BrynMawr II, PrimeCel, Insight, Devon II, HomeMaker and New Castle III window from MI Windows and Doors LLC
  • The case will be heard in the United States District Court of South Carolina

MI Windows and Doors LLC have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit filed against them. The lawsuit alleged that the company manufactured and sold defective windows to consumers, which caused water leakage into their homes and premises. The water leakage led to formation of mold and mineral deposits, which caused damage to the property. The lawsuit further claims that the damage caused by water leakage led to a decrease in the value of the affected properties.

Who does the settlement affect?

The class action lawsuit involved tape glazed windows sold by the company to consumers in the United States. This includes single-hung, double-hung, horizontal sliding, fixed, awning and casement windows.

The settlement reached by the parties involved covers water leakage and any damage caused to properties owned by he members of the settlement class. The class settlement for the lawsuit is divided into two:

1) Homeowner Settlement Class, which includes all current and former owners of homes fitted with the defective windows
2) Contractor/Construction Settlement Class, which includes all contractors and construction companies who used the defective windows in their construction work and are still in possession of affected homes or structures

What are the benefits?

Class members are entitled to the following benefits assuming they file timely claim forms:

1) Repair of the defective windows
2) Replacement of the windows
3) Compensation for the damage caused by water leakage
4) Reimbursement for prior repairs on the property, as a result of the damage caused by water leakage

Contractors and construction companies are also eligible for benefits, which include repair of the defective windows or compensation for the damage caused on their properties by water leakage.  All class members covered by the settlement can claim the benefits by filling an online form or a printout version of it.

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