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Bausch Rebates

  • Qualify for a rebate through Bausch & Lomb
  • Enter the product code online to receive a submission form
  • Mail in the submission form and relevant documents to Bausch & Lomb

Bausch & Lomb eye-care professionals are offering valued customers the chance to earn rebates for doing nothing more than purchasing B&L products. Those who receive an eye exam and purchase contact lenses within 60 days after their appointment will qualify for such rebates. B&L eye care professionals provide customers with a product code, which they can then enter online and receive their submission form. After submitting the requisite materials, customers will receive a prepaid Visa card containing the amount of the rebate.

Materials needed to qualify for Bausch & Lomb rebate?

  • Eye exam receipt (date circled)
  • Contact lens purchase receipt (circle date on receipt)
  • UPC code from box of contact lenses
  • Rebate form (available online)
  • Additional rebates must be mailed in separate envelopes

Customers seeking rebates will need to have access to a printer in order to print the online submission form. Customers should also act quickly, because every rebate offer has a time limit. For example, many require purchase of a product within 60 days after an eye exam. Purchases made after the 60-day time period has elapsed are no longer eligible for rebates. Bausch & Lomb recommends customers make copies of all rebate documents to ensure quick resolution of any issues.

Customers can find the 12-digit UPC code and corresponding barcode on the side of the product box. Customers who have lost their receipt can request a copy of the product receipt through the vendor or online retailer. Customers who paid with a credit card can usually print a copy of the receipt directly from the website.

Contacting Baush & Lomb

  • 1-855-806-3231 (rebate inquiries
  • 1-800-553-5340 (product inquiries)


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