Educational – NICK Device Activation

NICK Device Activation:

  • Cable customers who have Nick as part of their subscription service can access many of their favorite shows by streaming them from devices which support Nick App
  • Before you will be able to access your shows you will need activate your device to be compatible with your Nick Subscription which can be completed using your device and an online browser
  • Once you set up your app on your device you will be provided with an activation code – this will need to be entered on the online activation page to register your device for use
  • When you visit the main activation page you will enter your code and then be directed to a page to log in to your account – once your account has been verified your device will be ready for use

Many networks which are part of larger cable packages make their shows available to customers through streaming service apps.  The first thought consumers often have is that this must cost a lot of extra money but the truth is that most of these services will be 100% included in the cost of the cable bill you are already paying!  The Nick App is no exception – if you pay for Nickelodeon as part of your cable subscription you can set up the Nick App and stream your favorite programs from anywhere.  Once you verify your account (your cable account information will need to be synced to verify subscription) you have access to unlimited streaming of the available programs and shows.

More Details Regarding The Nick App and Device Activation:

  • When you are activating a device you will need to select your provider to complete the log in process – if your provider is not yet listed you contact them and voice your concerns
  • The account you sign in with will be your cable provider account – you do not need to create a new account for your Nick App
  • Content is continually updated so show options will vary to provide fresh content