Lawsuit – Safeway Select Olive Oil Class Action Settlement

Safeway Select Olive Oil Class Action Settlement:

  • Safeway customers who purchased Safeway Select Olive Oil may be a member of this class in which a settlement has been proposed and agreed pending final approval
  • A claim must be submitted in order to be eligible to receive an payment for the class settlement – claims can be completed online both with or without proof of purchase
  • Customers can submit their claim for as many as 5 purchases they made of the product unless proof of purchase is provided in which case additional claims can be made
  • There are two forms of payment claimants can choose to receive – one is a voucher payment (eligible for use at Safeway) and there is a cash payment option as well

This lawsuit stems from alleged misleading advertising which was on the bottles of Safeway Select Olive Oil.  The lawsuit is in regards to labeling which stated oil was “Imported from Italy” or was “Extra Virgin.”  Safeway contends that there was no wrong doing and they deny any suggestion of misleading advertisement.  During mediation, a settlement was reached which is outlined in its entirety on the the may claim website.

To file a claim online you will need to provide your personal contact information (name/address), your preferred payment method, and proof of purchase if available.  The two types of payment options are voucher or check and the voucher will provide affected individuals with a better value of return – vouchers will pay $1.50 per purchase and cash payment will be $0.50 per purchase.

Here Are a Few More Details Regarding The Safeway Olive Oil Settlement:

  • Claims must be completed by February 16, 2018 to be eligible to receive any benefits from the settlement for your purchases of the items in question
  • Purchases made between the dates of May 23th, 2010 through December 16th, 2016 may be eligible and the full product and affected dates info can be found on the main claim website