Educational – Georgia Wildlife Resource Division

Georgia Wildlife Resource Division:

  • Georgia hunters can visit the Georgia Wildlife Resource website to learn about the regulations, license requirements, and educate themselves regarding their hunting experience
  • This page will provide you access to the main Georgia Wildlife Resource page which will provide details regarding hunting regulations and fishing regulations all in one place
  • To learn more about the regulations for hunting or fishing you can navigate to the regulations tab which will direct you to links for the latest regulations for each activity
  • Visiting the license tab will allow you to purchase licenses online or you can find locations where you can make the purchase in person if you would rather do so

Georgia has an extremely rich wildlife which is diverse in both its flora and fauna.  Many Georgia residents love to enjoy the natural resources available to them through activities such as hunting and fishing.  It is important to make sure that you are participating in such activities in the responsible and legal way.  The Georgia Wildlife Resource Division will provide interested individuals with all of the information necessary to make sure they are abiding by the rules when they partake in outdoor activities.  Resources available through the main Wildlife website include but are not limited to: hunting regulations, fishing regulations, boat registration information, licensing information, educational resources, and information on where to contact in the event that additional concerns need to be addressed.

More Details Regarding the Georgia Resource Division:

  • Seasons for many species of game vary and will be listed on the website – it is important to check season dates for each year as dates are subject to change from year to year
  • The latest DNR press releases can be found on the main page (listed near the bottom) and will include any recent press releases available to the public