Educational – Pep Boys Rebate Submission and Status Tracking

Pep Boys Rebate Submission and Status Tracking:

Pep Boys specializes in keeping cars on the road and getting cars back on the road, providing car maintenance services, brake work, tire replacement and adjustments, and other car repairs.  If your recent visit to Pep Boys provided you with an opportunity to earn a rebate back for a portion of your expense you can submit your rebate online without the need of completing any forms by hand and sending them in by mail.  Additionally, if you have already completed your rebate with Pep Boys it is not hassle at all to view your rebate status (the easiest method is to provide your tracking number but more on rebate status below).

Details Regarding The Pep Boys Online Rebate Website:

  • Customers can quickly access their previously submitted rebate with Pep Boys by following the rebate status link and using one of three retrieval methods:
    • First initial, last name, street address and zip code can be entered to look up your rebate
    • Phone number and zip code can be used to look up your rebate status
    • Simply enter your rebate tracking number to access your rebate
  • If you are starting a brand new rebate submission for your recent Pep Boys purchase you can follow this link and then enter the information requested (your receipt info will be required)
  • Customers will need to provide their Date of Purchase, Transaction Number, Register Number, and Store Number – all of this is found on the receipt you received at the time of your visit
  • If you would rather complete your rebate by mail you can view the current offers and upload a PDF copy of the receipt for which can be printed and completed to mail in

If you are having any issues completing your rebate their is a toll free number available Monday through Friday from 7am through 7pm CST.  You can also email their rebate email address with inquiries to help you complete the rebate process.